1. Behind the Scenes: El Diario New York

    Date 24 Oct 2017
    While in NYC recently, it was a real pleasure to work on a quick shoot for El Diario New York.  The publication is the oldest Spanish-language daily newspaper in the U.S. and has been operating since 1913.    The shoot took place in Inwood - which is about as far…

  2. Getting to Know: Charlotte Brown

    Date 15 Oct 2017
    Last week, I had the opportunity to schedule a quick test with Charlotte Brown, a new face that is represented by SMG Models.  Charlotte was really great fun to shoot, especially with her background as a gymnast, as we knew that we could highlight her flexibility.  The shoot took place…

  3. Behind the Scenes: Orange Crush for Jute Magazine

    Date 25 Aug 2017
    Jute Magazine just published a new editorial, Orange Crush, that I shot with an awesome team!  It’s Summertime and our team wanted to keep the shoot light and focus on bright colors.  Our color palette for the backgrounds were primarily deep orange and a bright white- with dark blue and…

  4. Looking Back: Elevated Hiker Shoot

    Date 22 Aug 2017
    Tereza: It’s always fun to look back at photo shoots that turned out well.  I recently updated my website, and in the process, was scrolling through my archive to figure out which images I wanted to add.  I chose to include a few images from an editorial shoot that was…

  5. Introducing: Bliss Walton and her Beauty Tips

    Date 17 Aug 2017
    One of the best parts of my job is when I get to meet and shoot new models that are just getting started in the business.  Last week, I had the chance to test Bliss Walton, who just signed with SMG Models on August 3rd. Bliss is from Kirkland, WA and was…

  6. Getting to Know: Gabrielle Hughes

    Date 13 Aug 2017
    I met the beautiful Gabby Hughes last weekend for a quick test shoot at my studio in Lower Queen Anne, Seattle.  I love Gabby’s look and she’s a great model- even better, after spending some time together, I found out that she’s an amazing girl.  The images and video below are a few

  7. Behind the Scenes: Our Throwback Shoot

    Date 11 Aug 2017
    Welcome to my new blog! I want to use this space to tell the story of the talented people I work with to create beautiful images. This is a chance to hear what everyone’s thought process was when they modeled, styled, created the hair and makeup, and photographed specific shoots. …

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